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Integrated Irrigation

Advanced Green Roof integrates subsurface irrigation infrastructure through an irrigation channel which allows for drip lines to be inserted during installation. These drip lines supply water to capillary irrigation mats. Advanced Green Roof is the only modular system that can offer an integrated, capillary subsurface irrigation system. Drip lines are installed in every irrigation channel on every project so even if irrigation is not wanted the first year it is an easy click in if it is ever wanted at a later date. The drip line/capillary mat connections deliver water directly to the root systems. Where as overhead spray irrigation can be waste full in a roof environment and also encourage surface rooting, which is vulnerable to extreme temperatures and moisture stress. Typical green roof plants (sedum) do not typically need regular irrigation in the Midwest; however supplemental irrigation in dry times increases plant health as well as the overall performance of the green roof. AGR’s integrated irrigation system can also increase the cooling effect of the green roof leading to increased cost savings.

[one_fourth]Advanced Green Roof tray with capillary mat
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