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As landscape architects, we pride ourselves as being stewards of the land promoting sustainability in the environments we design. This is why we are passionate about green roofs, they help promote stewardship of the land. Whether it be managing stormwater, reducing impervious surfaces and urban heat islands, or storing carbon dioxide and improving air quality we believe in the ability of green roofs as a way to promote sustainability. However, promoting green roofs is not enough, we believe that green roof design should be self-sustaining. This is why we designed the revolutionary Advanced Green Roof system with numerous sustainable components. Most importantly is water efficiency. Advanced Green Roof incorporates patent-pending subsurface irrigation which is the most water-efficient way to irrigate a green roof. We recommend supplemental irrigation only. We also encourage owners to incorporate rainwater harvesting systems so that no potable water is used for supplemental irrigation. We also use recycled plastics and molded pulp products in the production of our green roof products. Sustainability is not only about social and environmental issues, but also includes economics. We believe green roofs need to be affordable which is whey we are committed to providing cost effective green roofs with the highest value for our clients.