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Advanced Green Roof Sloped incorporates slope stabilization inserts to prevent surface erosion which can lead to sloped green roof failures. Our sloped system can be installed either pre-grown or built-up, but pre-grown systems are often recommended for maximum erosion control. Structural engineering is required to determine the bottom-of-slope edging requirements in order to handle the downward force of the green roof. Contact us for recommendations on plant selection, irrigation, and edging for our Advanced Green Roof sloped system.
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[tab_first] Over three years of green roof research and development went into Advanced Green Roof Sloped. Data from sloped green roof research studies pointed to the need for integrated subsurface irrigation as slope direction and degree directly affect moisture percentage and temperature of green roof soil and plants relating back to the plants overall health/performance. Sloped green roof research has shown that moisture levels related to capillary subsurface irrigation on a sloped green roof are ideal for positive plant performance. AGR’s integrated subsurface irrigation system increases water efficiency directing water directly to root systems which is very important on a sloped application.

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[tab] Installing Advanced Green Roof Sloped is a quick and easy process. Trays come to the site pre-grown with established roots. Trays are set down and interlock into adjacent trays. Drip lines are then installed feeding through irrigation channels. A “guiding bullet” attaches to drip lines to help feed the lines through the irrigation channels as seen in slide 6 above. If irrigation is spec-ed in on a project the drip lines connect to a lateral line which connects to a value(s) controlled by a specified controller. If irrigation is not spec-ed in the drip lines are capped off. If irrigation is wanted or needed there after the install irrigation hookup is an easy and simple process as the irrigation infrastructure is already installed.

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[tab] Advanced Green Roof Pre-Grown tray is warranted against photodegredation and material defects for 20 years from the date of installation if AGR has edging, pavers or parapet surrounding.

AGR currently offers a 20 year Total System Warranty with Versico Roofing Systems, Inc. Other membrane manufacturer warranties may be considered on a project by project basis.

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[tab] We work with clients to specify green roof plants. Because AGR integrates subsurface irrigation, plants other than Sedum can be specified leading to more plant design options. Please contact us for more information on our green roof plant mixes and plant specification guidance.

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