AGR - Awarded EPA P3 Award
AGR - EPA Awarded

Advanced Green Roof (AGR) is the most innovative and versatile product being offered in the green roof market today.  Three years of scientific green roof research and product development went into creating the patent-pending Advanced Green Roof technology.  Advanced Green Roof won an award from the EPA at the 2011 Sustainable Design Expo for an innovative solution to the world’s sustainability challenges.  AGR’s drainage layer includes an integrated, sub-surface irrigation channel which allows for drip lines to be inserted during installation.  These drip lines supply water to capillary irrigation mats.  Advanced Green Roof is the only modular system that can offer an integrated, capillary subsurface irrigation system.  This innovative technology allows us to offer long lasting beauty.   Advanced Green Roof is also the only product that offers pre-grown or built-up systems within the same modular drainage layer.  Advanced Green Roof’s unique collection of system components gives it the versatility to meet any type of specification for extensive, semi-intensive and intensive green roofs.

[one_third]Advanced Green Roof tray with capillary mat

AGR Pre-Grown
[/one_third][one_third]Advanced Green Roof tray with capillary mat

AGR Built-Up

Sloped Green Roof Applications
AGR Sloped