The History of AGA
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Advanced Green Architecture was founded in 2008 and is based out of Grand Rapids, MI. In the beginning, the company focused on conducting scientific, green roof research and product development. AGA also traveled across the world to research and study green roofs during this time period to further understand green roof system dynamics and see first hand how green roof design can be incorporated into sustainable site design. After completing research and development of the patent-pending, Advanced Green Roof system, AGA setup its professional growing and distribution network in the Midwest that can supply our system anywhere in North America. In 2011, we successfully completed 5 pilot projects in Michigan which proved the patent-pending Advanced Green Roof technology. In 2012, AGA is excited to offer our products and services for projects across the United States and Canada.

Advanced Green Architecture has a combined 20+ years experience in landscape architecture design and construction. All members of our team hold Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture and Master’s of Environmental Design, with a focus on green roofs, from Michigan State University. This unique combination of educational and professional experiences allow us to provide creative and functional green roof designs. We focus on all aspects of green roof design from on-site stormwater management to habitat creation and increasing biodiversity. We have an in-depth understanding of the design and construction industry and can provide assistance in any phase of a project. From concept to completion, AGA has the knowledge and experience to ensure your successful green roof project.