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AGR TRAY SIZE AGR Drainage layer: 18” x 18” x 1” height
AGR TRAY 100% recycled high den­sity polyethylene (HDPE)
AGR CAPILLARY MAT 100% recycled polyester non-woven layer mechanically bonded
to a synthetic water adsorbent matte which spreads water
sub-surfacely directly to plant roots
DRAINAGE Over 100 drainage holes for positive drainage, drainage channels
built in, false bottom for beneficial air movement underneath.
AGR TRAY COLOR Black (custom colors available)
AGR TRAY WEIGHT 1.5 lbs./sf
SOIL MEDIA AGR green roof media based upon German FLL specifications,
94+% by dry weight inorganic content for minimal
shrinkage/decomposition. Will vary with local grower.
SOIL DEPTH Soil depth can vary depending on structural integrity of the
roofing structure. A competent structural engineer should
determine available load bearing capacities to determine what
depths of soil can be used and in specific locations on the roof.
PLANTS Consult AGA for specific recommendations.


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[/one_third][one_third]Advanced Green Roof tray with capillary mat

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